Meet Teemew, our VR Conferencing solution!



Manzalab has long anticipated the corporate applications of Virtual Reality (VR), specifically focusing on solutions for VR Conferencing.

Our response now exists: Teemew, ‘we meet’ spelled backwards.

Teemew makes it possible for companies to create and lead meetings in VR. Team members, separated by distance, can work efficiently together in the immersive VR experience, benefiting from a complete set of collaborative tools.

Teemew is already making waves in VR conferencing. Back in July 2016, the world leader in hardware manufacturing, HTC Vive, became an investor and integrated Teemew to its ViveX start-up Accelerator. Along with 30 other VR-dedicated start-ups from around the world, this opportunity has kicked-off an exciting journey for us in the communications and expansion of our project!

This month, our Teemew team led by Clément Merville went on a roadshow to launch our fundraising campaign. The roadshow was organized by HTC Vive and took our team to San Francisco and Beijing. Several major Tech sites covered the event, especially TechCrunch in this article.

It is the beginning of a global adventure to put Manzalab at the heart of the burgeoning VR industry! We will keep you posted here.

Teemew will be available for all VR headsets, especially at launch the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Daydream.