Manzalab on French national TV!


Manzalab was recently featured in the Evening News on French national TV!

The topic, aired on leading channel TF1, covered games used as learning tools at school. The reporter was therefore interested in project ELAN by Manzalab, a serious game currently under development meant to help teach young children how to read.

This tablet game, developed in close partnership with INSERM Institute, is based on the latest neuroscience findings in the field of cognitive learning: the 4 Pillars of Learning, by Professor Stanislas Dehaene -a world-reknowed brain researcher, and Manzalab’s partner.

The extract allows to catch a glimpse of various phases of game production: it first shows a production meeting, then teams at work. It ends with an interview of Julien, our Pedagogic Director.

Here is the extract (in French):

Le making-of...

…and the making-of!















The ELAN project is partly financed by Investissements d’Avenir, a program led by French National Ministry of Education.

Interface testings are being conducted by ENS/CNRS. The game will soon be tested among 1000 pupils within Académie de Poitiers.